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The FOODDUCK® spread dispenser has been designed with sustainable development in mind. FOODDUCK® is an ecological choice for both the restaurant and the diner, as use of the device significantly diminishes the amount of waste created when serving spreads. The automatic dispenser and advanced technology allow for the efficient utilization of the package until it is practically empty. In addition, serving an exact portion size brings substantial savings in spread consumption and waste.

Duck Footprint

The ecological and economic FOODDUCK® brings many other benefits in addition to hygienic and automatic dispensing. It leaves what we call a “Duck Footprint”, which is a sign of responsible business operations and decision making that both respects nature and save costs. We have created the Duck Footprint application for professionals to provide you with an overview of the advantages that FOODDUCK® can bring to your own work environment.


Our sustainable way of operating is encapsulated in our life-cycle thinking. The FOODDUCK spread dispensers are always lease devices, and our high- quality products have been designed for as long a circulation and use as possible.

The innovative spread package used in the FOODDUCK dispenser makes up only a tenth of the current amount of packaging waste significantly reducing environmental impact and waste disposal costs. Moreover, the package is completely aluminium-free and much easier to recycle than traditional spread packages.

From order to delivery

A smooth supply chain from order to use is one of our most important missions. We plan transport routes efficiently in order to reduce the environmental impact of our deliveries.