Sustainable development

Foodduck / Sustainable development

”We make spread dispensing more sustainable. Caring about the environment is a vital part of our everyday lives.”

Timo Sorsavirta, CEO



The FOODDUCK® spread dispenser has been designed with sustainable development in mind. FOODDUCK® is an ecological choice for both the restaurant and the diner, as the device significantly diminishes the amount of spread used and packaging waste created.

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There are three FOODDUCK® models: FOODDUCK®, FOODDUCK® mini and FOODDUCK® mobile. Mini and mobile do not include a built-in cooling system, while mobile comes in both battery and mains-connected versions. With this selection, we are able to find the optimal device for every location.

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We have joined the Finnish Ministry of Environment’s commitment to sustainable development: “The Finland we want by 2050 – Serving spreads in accordance with sustainable development”. As part of this we are committed to increasing our customers’ sustainability knowledge.

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